We are a brand that was born in South Africa inspired by the colour and culture. The incredible play with colours, print and design is what is behind all our designs. 

We have had stores in Australia and have decided to bring our brand home to South Africa. Everything we create, design, pattern make, sample and sew is all done in South Africa. We pride ourselves on beautifully crafted design and fit on each and every piece we create. 

Our goal is to create pieces that make our customer feel true and confident. We love to use natural fibres and pride ourself on no waste when producing our pieces, to achieve this we sew up our pieces as ordered to avoid waste. That way each piece is made especially for you, please allow 1-2 working days to allow us to make your order with all the love and passion that goes into each of our designs. 

We may have your size in stock so it is not always the case. We are working hard to do our part, we use no plastics with packages which means each of our orders are packed in cotton bags that can be used over and over by our customer.

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